Material: Black  PVC
 -spotlight 360*  fixture 
-24” t8 UVB fixture 
-LED light 
-grey polymer tracking 
-1/4” sliding glass doors 
-glass finger pulls 
-sealant if
-basking platform opposite of heat lamp. 

Custom build for Patrick: 6x2x2 PVC Enclosure

  • As enclosures are custom made to order, we do not provide refunds. If there is something you aren't happy with we will correct it and work with you to make sure you are 100% happy with your new Reptihome. If there is a shipping defect such as broken glass/ light fixture/ badly chipped enclosure piece, we are more than happy to replace it. 

  • NOTE: Due to Covid-19 shipping times may be delayed. We will keep you updated.


    We typically finish enclosures within 7-9 weeks depending on how custom the build is and how many orders are on hand. We build on a first come first serve basis and times could be longer due to any unforeseen circumstances. We will keep you informed through the build process.  Thank you for your support!!