• How can I contact you?

My email is reptihomesshop@yahoo.com or you can click the contact button! 

  • Do you offer refunds?

As enclosures are custom made to order, All Sales are Final and we do NOT provide refunds, returns or cancellations, under any circumstances.

If there is something you aren't happy with we will correct it and work with you to make sure you are 100% happy with your new Reptihome. If there is a shipping defect, such as broken glass/ light fixture/ badly chipped enclosure piece, we are more than happy to replace it.

  • What if items were damaged during shipping?

Not to worry, we insure all our packages, contact us and we will replace any broken items. PLEASE NOTE, as enclosures are handmade and hand packed, there may be some aesthetic imperfections but will not affect use of enclosure.  

  • Do the enclosures come with lights?

No. They do not include the light bulbs themselves but they do include fixtures for the heat  and UVB bulbs. 

  • Do you use glass or acrylic?

We use quarter inch glass as it doesn't warp over time or scratch like acrylic. 

  • What type of florescent fixtures do you include?

T8's but T5's can be installed for an additional cost. 

  • Do you have any enclosures available for pickup?

We primarily build per custom order as our focus is custom. But at times we do have pre-built enclosures on hand. message us for availability.

  • Whats the difference in materials?

Melamine: (1st tier) Heaviest weighted enclosure/ lowest cost/best with hot dry environments. Least reliable for wet into humid setups as will fall apart (we no longer build with melamine as our customers deserve the best material possible)

Lacquered Birch Plywood: (2nd tier) Wood is clear coated all around from factory. Lightest weighted enclosure/ best with dry, up to semi-humid environments. Can do well with humid setups with excellent care.

Waterproofed Baltic Birch Plywood: (3rd tier) Slightly heavier than 2nd tier/higher cost/ last very long time/ very good for moderate humidity and wet environments.

PVC: (4th tier)  2nd lightest in weight next to 1st tier/ handles every environment very well/ PVC won't degrade over time as wood will

  • Do you have lighting options?

Yes, I offer basic ceramic fixtures for screw in bulbs. T8 24" fluorescent fixtures. Can upgrade to dual 360* spotlight fixtures and T5 fixtures as well.

  • What is the turnaround time for Enclosures?

I ask for 7-9 weeks. Could be shorter or longer, just depends on the amount of orders on hand as we build on first come first serve basis and life circumstances. 

  • Do you ship internationally?

We only ship to the U.S. and Canada.